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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Fossil, a fashion brand and watchmaker, has released a new collection of sophisticated watches for women. The round case is combined with thin wristlets to create a stylish look. Two rings of relief decoration on the bezels further enhance this style. The timepieces are primarily designed for appearance, with less emphasis on horology. This is typical of American brands. All timepieces in the new collection, as well as the entire line of the manufacturer, are quartz-driven. The new Heather collection is not a particularly impressive series of watches, as these watches only have date displays. The collection offers some beautiful watches at very low prices. The most expensive model retails for $135.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica collection is made entirely of timekeepers that have round cases. The heather collection features two different case sizes. The smaller models have a diameter of 26 mm while the larger ones have a 40 mm width and oversized dimensions. These larger models are more attractive,Replica Watches especially due to the unusual combination between a large case and a thin bracelet. These products are equipped with 11 mm-wide attachments, while small watches in the heather collection are fitted with 9 mm-wide bracelets.

The bezel decorations are another unique feature of the new timepieces. These are two rings with relief ornaments that consist of pyramid-shaped strings. They create a very nice effect. Around the crown, ornaments of the same type are used. Curvatures along the side of the case are another way to enhance the aesthetics.

The new products are made of steel cases, some in rose gold and others in smoky grey. Dial colors include rose gold, silver and smoky grey. Dark brown is also available. These watches feature three hands,Rolex Air King Replica Watches Arabic numerals and hour and minute markers. Date apertures are located at the 4 o'clock position. The manufacturer chose the lower quality mineral glass to create products as affordable as possible.

The narrow wristlets can be matched with a wide range of products. Steel bracelets are available in silver, rose-gold or gray, or leather (gray or dark brown). The timepieces are water resistant to 50 meters and range in price from $95 up to $135.

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